To contact BETA Greece, please refer to the links provided and pick the relevant channels.

General inquiries should be directed to the Secretary of BETA Greece, Mr. Antonis Vasilakis-Kinalis,

Official contacts or requests to the Management Board should be addressed to the President of BETA Greece, Ms. Yogam Rajendra,

Become a Member

An online membership form will soon be available.

In the meantime, you can join us by sending a quick email to our President, Ms. Yogam Rajendra, stating your interest in becoming a BETA Greece member.

Get Engaged

There are many ways to get engaged with and within BETA Greece or our flagship project, MEU Athens.

Please refer to the open calls and the roles descriptions before applying for one of these roles.

You will gain valuable work experience and will be awarded a certification upon completion of your work!

For any further inquiries on BETA Greece positions, please contact our President, Ms. Yogam Rajendra,