About Us

Bringing Europeans Together Association Greece (BETA Greece) is a non-profit national youth association founded in June 2018 by a group of young, capable and ambitious individuals who had the ultimate goal of bringing Model European Union simulations to Greece, the birthplace of democratic debate. BETA Greece is also the official Greek branch of the European federal association based in Brussels, Bringing Europeans Together Association Europe (BETA Europe).

Our Goals

  • To engage, educate and empower youth through its activities, namely our flagship annual event, Model European Union Athens (MEU Athens)
  • To support youth initiatives in Greece which fall in the sphere of debate, policy-making and European integration

Our Mission

Operating as a non-profit association founded in Greece, BETA Greece also shares the mission and European values of BETA Europe and works closely with them to :

  • Strengthen the democratic European civil society
  • Raise awareness on pressing political issues, on local, regional, European and international levels


The flagship project of BETA Greece is Model European Union Athens (MEU Athens) which is scheduled to premiere in late 2019. The project aims to promote knowledge of the decision-making process, representing the way new EU legislation comes to force while fostering mutual understanding and cooperation through debate and dialogue amidst youth within Greece and Europe.